Robert's debut book, REGENER8 earned him writer of the year in 2012 and remained in the top 100 on Amazon for 9 months in 2015. Robert has received many emails from teens and parents praising REGENER8 and the positive life changing impact it has had in many young lives. Robert recently completed ILLUMIN8, the follow up to REGENER8. Look for it in 2016





Audiences are on the edge of their chairs. Rob takes his unique edgy approach to youth ministry and brings it to life through stories and illustrations. He never leaves the stage without provoking the audience to action. He takes the Great Commission off of the pages of the Bible into the streets of your town.

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Is he crazy or on fire... or a bit of both? - no one is sure yet. Often giving up more than he can afford and challenging others to do the same, Rob has instigated multiple ministries, helped hundreds of community members with donated resources, and started new visions that are bigger than seem possible. But at the heart of each new venture is a calling that has been greatly blessed by the gracious hand of God. Rob is a catalyst. Hard core teens have been mentored, encouraged, and given hope that no one else has offered. If you want to stop being a spectator, come join Rob Cook and get in the game!