Available Sept. 2012 - Its controversial.  Its edgy.  Its in your face. 


An 8 week blue print for real life - but this is not your parent's devotional! Caution! No sugar-coating.  Just 100% in-your-face Gospel truth.


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Other books are coming soon!  Check back again in the near future to hear more about books and publications such as:

  • "Going Underground" - The story of 252 Underground Youth Ministry and a how-to guide for reaching the teens in your community.
  • "Don't Grow Your Church" - No seriously.  Don't. This book is a radical approach - against the grain.  Church should be about planting and watering.  Based on the parable from Mark 4:27 - this book won't leave you or your church the same.
  • "Jesus is a Quadriplegic" - You've heard that the church in America is the hands and feet of Jesus.  Sadly this has left Jesus paralyzed from the neck down.