“I met Rob Cook about 3 years ago at a Lansdale Business Association meeting we were both attending. After reading some information about the youth ministry he established, I volunteered to be a chaperone at 252 Underground.
In my capacity as a volunteer for his organization I had the opportunity to observe how things operated. Rob has good leadership, management, organization and communication skills. He would manage groups of people ranging in age from 13-18 years. I was impressed at how respectful, considerate, well-behaved and cooperative everyone was.
He became a role model and mentor to the people in the youth ministry. He was so successful with that age group, that he was asked to provide a night for people from age 18-30 years. Rob Cook would be an asset to any organization.

Marie Hagner
215 362-8685
Marie Hagner, Owner, High Note Vocals Voice Studio
worked directly with Rob at 252 Underground youth ministry


“Rob Cook has been an inspiration in my life. He has encouraged me and helped me grow both spiritually and mentally. I have been helping Rob with 252, his youth ministry, and really enjoy hanging out and creating relationships with the the youth he is reaching out to. Rob has faith unlike any other I have seen. I have read his books and what I have read has been both awesome and sad. Sad because what he is writing and doing is so against what so many "Christians" are doing and many are against what he stands for...what Christ stands for. But it is also awesome because Rob is willing to go against the grain and be persecuted by many "Christians" to reach out to those who many don't want around. If every church had at least 1 Rob in their congregation we would have a very different church in America.”


Matthew Rineer, Sales/Advertising, Zeek Rewards
reported to Rob at 252 Underground youth ministry

“I have known Rob Cook for over six years in two distinct capacities.

First, as the principal of “Picasso Painting and Renovation,” I’ve seen his work up close. Rob has painted a number of rooms in my home and completed a renovation of our family room. His skill with the brush is expert and I highly recommend Rob’s work to everyone.

Secondly, I’ve witnessed first-hand Rob as the founder and director of the “252 Underground” youth ministry. A strong, deeply personal drive to work with troubled teenagers led Rob to begin a creative and unique nightclub-style haven for young people in downtown Lansdale, PA. Through his efforts of practicing “friendship evangelism,” dozens have been converted to Christ and discipled into a better, more productive way of life. Though metrics may be important to some, I’ve seen Rob’s heart and passion to help the hurting. I wholeheartedly endorse both the man and his ministry.”

 K. Daniel Armstrong, MA, CSSGB

“Rob is amazing as a speaker, author, and youth minister - actually he ministers to adults too. Awesome understanding of the Bible and how it speaks to today's real-life situations. He is edgy and captures the attention of his audience. I have incredible respect for Rob in all areas of his faith and life.”

Ted Tyree, Director of Quality Management and Information Services, Delta Cmmunity Supports, Inc.

“I've had the privilege of working alongside Rob at 252 Underground. Rob is extremely gifted in reaching the "unreachable". I've come to expect great news or something of encouragement whenever I see Rob because that's what his life is all about. He has a tremendous trust in the Lord that reflects a truly authentic faith. My generation - generation Y - is very difficult to reach and the church has been scratching its head over how to connect with us for a long time. Rob has a built-in ability to connect with this generation, especially those who come from broken households and difficult circumstances. They listen to Rob because he listens to them and understands the things they struggle with. I consider myself blessed to have worked with and known Rob.”

 Alexander Long, Finance Committee Member, Covenant Community Fellowship

“We think so highly or Rob that we signed him to a book contract. His book Regener8 releases this year. Wonderful guy. Hard working. Intense. Has a passion for youth and Christ.”

 Eddie Jones, Acquisition Editor & Author, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas

“Rob's groundbreaking youth ministry in the Philadelphia area is a good one to follow if you want to reach this generation. Rob and his crew at 252 Underground are authentic and effective.”

 Diana Flegal, Literary Agent, Hartline Literary Agency